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4 Basic Tips How to Get Rid of Rats!5 min read


Most people keep having problems in their life because they do not make exert effort to face their fears. It is all about the human psyche and how basically we deal with our fears. We all have many kinds of phobia; for instance, some fear darkness, some fear heights and there are some who fear rats! In our article, we offer you some tips how to get rid of rats!

1. Removing Rats Lethally.

• Get a cat.

a good cat is capable of cleaning up your rat infestation in just a few weeks.

Since they are known to be great hunters and natural rat predators, you will get rid of rats through not causing much pain; it is a natural process. Plus, a good cat is capable of cleaning up your rat infestation in just a few weeks.

• Identify the rats’ feeding and nesting places.
Rat droppings will lead you to where they have been. You will also notice that by the holes chewed in walls, food boxes, insulation and other places in your home. This is exactly where you’ll have to leave the traps.

• Leave rat poison or traditional snapping rat-traps in rat-infested areas.

rat-trap can kill a rat immediately

You can find them in hardware stores and other retailers if you decide that you want to kill them. Keep in mind that rat poison does not kill a rat immediately, it might take a week to kill the rat. The rat will be in massive pain during this week. Moreover, you should read the instructions and cautions very carefully. As a matter of fact, rat poisons include warfarin, which causes internal bleeding and other drugs that kill rats; however, it can also be of great harm to pets and people.

• Use glue boards to get rid of rats.

They are flat, sticky pieces of wood which trap rats until you can remove them. Be aware again to make sure that you only use glue boards if you intend to kill the rats. Therefore, these rats are not going to survive; plus, it is most certainly impossible to get them off the glue board.

2. Preventing Rat Infestations.

• Keep all trash sealed and take it out anytime you throw food away.
Stop giving rats a reason to hang around your house, and make sure that you use a garbage can. However, do not just leave your trash hanging out in a garbage bag; it should be totally closed.

• Seal up all the food in your house and keep everything in closed containers.

unsealed food can definitely attract rats or other pets

Because if  food is left exposed in the open, it will definitely attract rats or other pets. Therefore, try to keep your house clean in general and pay more attention to where you leave your food especially if you are living in an area or an environment that have such problems; you have to be very careful.

• Remove any ability for rats to enter your home.
It happens through plugging all holes in your walls, doors and screens. Plus, have a close look in your garage doors, chimneys, dryer and air conditioning vents, and crawl spaces to ensure that they are properly sealed to the outdoors.

3. Removing Rats Humanely.

• Use a nonlethal wire cage to trap and release rats if you want to avoid killing them.

make sure to release the rat far away from your home

This is considered as the most humane way to get rid of rats according to experts. After identifying with their location, set a cage with some food inside. The spring release door will trap the rat as soon as it goes inside the cage. Afterwards, you will have to take the cage and release the rat somewhere.

• Release the rats far away from your home.
You can bring them out into the woods; somewhere that is well-distanced from your house. Therefore, you won’t be worried about them finding their way back to your home. They will eventually find a new home somewhere, yet hopefully not where a person is already living.

4. Getting Rid of Rats Professionally.

• Contact a local exterminator for an estimate.

You can find a reputable company online, in your local phone book or by asking friends and neighbors for referrals.

• Describe your rat problem to the professional exterminator.

an expert can gives you the proper solution

He will offer you a removal method that might include poisoning the rats or setting traps for them. However, you should explain clearly the extent of your rat problem so that you get a proper solution.

• Think carefully about any poisons or chemicals your exterminator might want to use.

rat poison can be harmful for kids and pets too

Some of them can harm you, your pets and the people living in your home, small children in particular. If a child or a pet comes across rat poison, they will be seriously ill and may die.

• Ask about guarantees and warranties.
You surely do not want to have to call an exterminator again in a month or two if the rats return, or if you discovered that not all of the rats were removed from your home. Therefore, try your best to choose a company that provides you with a satisfaction guarantee so that you can get your money back in case the rats are not fully handled. At least, you would have the exterminator back and finish the job for no extra charge.

As Eleanor Roosevelt says, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’” Therefore, by getting rid of rats; you are facing your fear and getting over it!


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