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10 Tips on How to Be the Best Boyfriend4 min read



Love is a platonic idea which everyone searches for it, and only few people actually find it. But we have to admit that being in love is one thing, and keeping this love alive is another. An ideal man needs to master the art of both, so once you have found your dream girl, follow these tips to keep her head over heels for you.

1. Always Know Your Girl

Girls like guys who show their interest in them. Ask her about her favorite memories, childhood experiences and share albums of baby photos.
Ask inquisitive questions to open some space for some personal discussions.

Talk about your future plans as individuals and couple, don’t hesitate to ask her about her desires, dreams, and future ambitions.

2. Be Sweet and Caring

Take her to places she didn’t even know it exists !

Show your girl that you are sweet and caring by remembering all the special occasions like her birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, etc. Get her a gift and celebrate together.

Be her rock when she has a problem, and solve her problem.

Offer her a shoulder to cry and just listen when something is depressing her.

Don’t just rely on sweet turns of phrases but do some actions. Remember that  actions speak louder than words.

3. Be Surprising and Spontaneous

Surprise her with different thing each time

Everyone like surprises especially women.

So let your girl know you love and care for her by surprising her with a breakfast in bed, preparing something very nice and big for both of you only, like going to an elegant restaurant for dinner or to dance and have some fun in a club.

Such activities will make your soulmate feel special and lucky to have you.

On the other hand, Try to not be predictable or drive to avoid driving your relationship into a routine.

4. Challenge Her and Don’t Be a Pushover

Men love challenges, and women are the same and even more. Therefore, avoid the boredom and complacency by avoid being straightforward and serious all the time in your relationship.

Keep things more interesting in your life by challenging each others in races, video games, cooking etc.

5.Help Her with Her Chores

if you showed your girl that you wanna help her, she will really appreciate and adore you for that.

Being a man doesn’t mean giving orders to your women and let her do all the work.

Sometimes, you can be a gentleman and help her to do the house chores.

As you know, we all hate to do the chores like cleaning the dishes and the ground, laundry, grocery, etc., but we do them just because we have to. So if you showed your girl that you wanna help her, she will really appreciate and adore you for that.

6.Be Understanding and Patient with Your Girl

Sometimes, you just have to give your girl a shoulder to cry on, a hug to show that you care for her, then you just have to listen without saying a word.

In such cases, you have to understand that your girl may not be ready for any intimate activity, so just give her time and be patient with her.

8.Be Romantic

Dance with her in like its the first time each time

Romance is the most important thing in a relationship.

Maybe you can’t be romantic all the time, but at least sometimes try to buy your girl some flowers, perfume, chocolate and her favorite food to surprise her.

Find an excellent spot like a fancy restaurant, beach, a luxurious etc., so the two of you can sit together alone and talk some sweet things.

9. Respect her existing relations and Win the Hearts of Her Loved Ones

Don’t forget that your girl also has other relations like parents, family, siblings, other relatives and friends. So try to respect that and be a part of it. She will also be happier if you win their affection.

Such people are so important in her and your life as well. If they loved you, they will back you up when you screw things up sometimes, they also can help you convince her that whatever you did wasn’t intentional and that you still love her.
Furthermore, she will trust you more because you are serious in your relationship and interested in her and her company as well.

10. Give Her Time and Space

Everyone, even you and your girlfriend, need some time and space.

That’s right, sometimes you should give yourself and your girl some time to miss each others. Go hang out with your friends, do your hobbies, play video games, go for a walk, etc. Both of you like being alone or need some time to be alone, and when you see each others don’t keep asking questions about what you did.
You can’t deny that giving yourself some time alone will help both of you to develop yourself, plan for the future, recharge and miss each others.


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