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10 Reasons Why do I Fart So Much and How to Deal With It.4 min read


Who is farting?

Everybody is farting but some fart so much. Of course, one day you were inside a shop or an elevator and you wrinkled your nose because of bad smell. Would you ever think that the person did this is sick? It is a disgusting action and a funny one for other people, but actually it may be an illness needs cure. We have to admit the problem first then, try to solve it.

All of us give out from our body about half a liter gases daily, but there are times we exceed this amount. But there are some persons give out much more because of some troubles they have. Exaggerated gases inside the body are very uncomfortable for anyone, that’s why some people get rid of it wherever they are. In this article we will discuss the trouble, its causes and its treatments.

Why do we fart so much?

Fart smell can be very stink

We fart so much due to many reasons. However, you may think that your fart is excess while it is very normal. a healthy person can fart up to 25 times daily to dispose of extra gas. Briefly those are 10 reasons why you fart so much:

  • Smoking:

Smoking lets you intake more air to inside your body so you fart more

Smoking lets you intake more air to inside your body. This extra air is enclosed in the stomach and the esophagus and so it go out the body in the form of fart.


  • Aging:


Old people’s bodies don’t produce the same amount of saliva and other digestive juices. This makes food remains undigested and so it is fermented by bacteria causing more farts.


  • Childbirth:


After delivery, muscles around anus may be damaged, that increases fart. But in this case, after some time the new mother returns back again to its healthy nature and muscles become ok.


  • Tension:


When you are tension, you swallow more air and your stomach becomes more active. This increases fart because of excess gas because over thinking increases the gut movement.


  • Some health issues:


Gastroenteritis, Lactose intolerance, Celiac disease, Constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome and Malabsorption are health conditions that are accompanied by much fart. In this case, you should go and see your doctor to have the proper description for this problem.


  • Gulp air:


Swallowing air is one of the main reasons and we gulp air as a result of smoking or chewing gum. Also drinking soda drinks increases carbon dioxide inside the stomach.


  • Bad absorption:

Malabsorbtion leads to increase farting

Some people have problems in absorption and this leads to fart because food retains inside the intestine unabsorbed. Bad food absorption is health issue, you should see a doctor for this.


  • Sweeteners:


We mean Sorbitol that exists in sugar-free gum and fructose which can be found naturally in fruits. Sugar causes fart because it can’t be broken down easily.


  • Eating carbohydrates:

Everything is related to your food; your activity, your health, your weight and even your fart. Specific food such as some types of carbohydrates can’t be digested completely in the intestine. Undigested food retains in the small intestine, is fermented by the gut bacteria producing this gas. Besides, the imbalanced amount of gut bacteria produces excess gas with bad odor. The intestinal bacteria that feed on the undigested food still remain inside the gut. The out silly gas is just a by-product of this bacterial digestion


  • During the flight:


New studies and researches reported that high elevation causes the gas inside our bodies to expand. This would lead to bloating then fart so much.

How can I treat this disorder?

  • Avoid sugar: sugar takes long time to be digested, try to avoid sugar and you will feel the difference
  • Reduce carbohydrates: because it can’t be digested completely in the intestine
  • Stop smoking: to reduce the intake of air
  • Quit chewing gum: stop eating chewing gum to stop air swallowing
  • Leave starch: rice is hard on your intestine, leave it and enjoy your life


  • Use probiotic: they are dietary supplements that helps the return of the gut bacterial balance
  • Stay away from alcohol: carbon dioxide is an important factor in increasing fart
  • Avoid stress: stay away as possible as you can from stress

Farting is very natural biological process that happens daily. We all need it to get rid of excess gas from intestine so that we can feel more comfortable. But sometimes it becomes a big trouble that you should try to solve it.


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